How Online Reviews Create A Truer Picture Of Your Business

These days, your online reputation is your reputation, period. That’s why online reviews are so utterly important to the way your business is perceived. When negative reviews accumulate without corresponding positive reviews, the outlook for your business is bleak. While negative review giving comes naturally to people, you’ll need to foster good reviews, and here’s why.


Reveal True Experiences

Reviews naturally skew negative. It’s human; we only speak up when something bad happens (usually). So if you can foster good reviews, potential customers get a better view of the true experience at your business. In this way, they will better be able to judge your merits and whether they’re interested in learning more.

Create Authentic Customer Voices

It’s important to think of online reviews as customer voices. Letting your customers be heard, positive or negative, is important. It’s important to respond, either thanking them or seeking how a problem can be solved, so they don’t feel they’re just shouting into a void.

It’s important also to curate authentic voices. Ask all of your customers to help you and others by leaving honest, authentic reviews for your business, and hopefully that will help others choose you.

Show Your Business Is Active & Attractive

A steady stream of online reviews is important to show your business is vibrant, alive and attractive to everyday consumers. Especially if you have a long sales cycle (i.e. large equipment, IT, consulting services, etc.) you’ll need to encourage people to leave reviews constantly so it appears as if you are doing a lot of business.

You also want those constant reviews so that the ‘newest’ review isn’t three months old when someone comes to your website or searches for you on Google. Many people don’t trust reviews more than a few weeks old.

Help Showcase New Products

Reviews are also a great place to showcase new products or services. Target the customers who are using a particular new product or service and ask them to leave you a review online. In this way, more people will be exposed to that option when reading reviews, and it may lead to increased sales of it.

What Will VW Dealerships Be Like In 100 Years?

Volkswagen, or VW, dealerships are extremely cool, trendy places! Volkswagen models are amazingly sleek and safe vehicles, but they haven’t always been the same. In fact, Volkswagen models have changed a lot over the years, since being introduced in 1937. So Volkswagen’s have been around for about 70 years. But what will VW dealerships be like in the next 100 years? Let’s find out!

Past 70 Yearsg2g2

Volkswagen vehicles have been around for 70 years, starting in Germany. It was introduced as the “people’s automobile”. The Beetle itself was first introduced in 1971. One of the oldest Volkswagen dealerships in the United States was started in 1960, but the dealerships itself (prior to VW partnership) started in 1898!

In the past, Volkswagen dealerships (and all car dealerships in general) were very basic, hosting the vehicles but branding wasn’t as big of a deal. Marketing in the past wasn’t as key as it is now, and salespeople went more by gut feel than by statistics.

Next 100 Years

In the next 100 years, dealerships are going to change quite a bit!

For starters, Volkswagen has always been a leader in clean, efficient and safe vehicles, and all of those things are only going to be more important as time goes on. So vehicles at the VW dealerships will continue to be more fuel efficient (or use different fuels – perhaps electric, flex fuel, hydrogen cell, etc.), safer (maybe with additional airbags, probably driverless!).

Not only will the vehicles be different, but vehicle purchasing will also change greatly as well! Likely, we will see VW dealerships and other dealerships reduce in physical size as more people purchase online. This may mean that the amount of vehicles a dealership stocks goes down as people can basically order from the factory, or, stock may stay the same but people will order online and pickup in store.

As well, salespeople’s jobs will change a lot as they begin to work online much more, working with people on the website, through email and possibly through video to create sales rather than in person.

It’s going to be a crazy amount of change in the next 100 years!

How A Fresh Paint Job Makes Your Home More Elegant

Your home is your castle. Elegance springs from comfort, form and the impression left on your visitors.

Refreshing your home with an impressive paint job is a great way to bring elegance to your home, whether it’s a bold and colorful style or a simple, understated color.

Let’s look over a few of the ways a fresh paint job can make your home even more elegant!

Impress Your GuestsPainting

A fresh paint job is a great way to impress your friends and guests! Your home is an oasis, and it should reflect your personal style. If it hasn’t been refreshed in a few years, start considering how you’d like to see the space repainted. This investment will pay off, and is definitely worth it.

Comfort Your Family

A new paint job is also an investment in your happiness! Your walls surround you every morning, during every meal, while watching television or playing games, and when going to bed. The paint color of your walls sets the tone for your entire day, and even periods of years if you don’t change your paint color very often!

Your family deserves to have a space they love, and to enjoy living in a beautifully painted space every day. They should wake up with a smile on their face!

Build Your Net Worth

Finally, painting your home is also an investment in your net worth. Painting is one of the most important items in the house when it comes to resale value, as people want a comforting space where they can relax and remove themselves from the world. Having poorly painted walls or older/outdated color schemes turns people off very quickly to a home purchase, even if the rest of the house may be beautiful and in excellent shape.

Hopefully this helps you make a decision about painting your home!